ATN BINOX 4T: The Ultimate Thermal Binoculars for Outdoor Adventures

The ATN BINOX 4T is a remarkable pair of thermal binoculars that offer a range of advanced features. With its high-definition display, integrated laser rangefinder, and Wi-Fi capabilities, this product is designed to enhance your outdoor adventures. In this review, I will share my personal experience with the ATN BINOX 4T and provide insights into its performance.

Having used the ATN BINOX 4T during my recent hunting trip, I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with its capabilities. The display resolution of 1280x720x2 provided crisp and clear images, allowing me to easily spot targets even in low-light conditions. The wide field of view of 16°x12.5° was also a major advantage, as it provided a broader perspective of the surroundings.

One of the standout features of the ATN BINOX 4T is the integrated laser rangefinder. This feature proved to be extremely useful in accurately determining the distance to my targets. It eliminated the need for carrying a separate rangefinder, making my equipment more streamlined and efficient.

Furthermore, the ability to record videos in high-definition resolution at 60 frames per second was a great addition. I was able to capture and relive some of the most exciting moments of my hunting experience. The BIX (ballistic information exchange) feature allowed seamless communication and exchange of information with other ATN smart HD devices, enhancing the overall functionality of the binoculars.

High-Resolution Display and Wide Field of View

One of the key features of the ATN BINOX 4T 384×288, 1.25-5x Smart HD Thermal Binoculars is its high-resolution display. With a display resolution of 1280x720x2, you can expect crystal clear images and videos. Whether you’re using the binoculars for hunting, surveillance, or search and rescue operations, the high-resolution display ensures that you won’t miss any details.Additionally, the wide field of view of 16°x12.5° allows you to scan a larger area without having to constantly adjust your viewing angle. This is especially useful when tracking moving targets or observing wildlife. The combination of the high-resolution display and wide field of view enhances your overall viewing experience and makes the ATN BINOX 4T a reliable tool for various applications.

Versatile Magnification Range and Long-Range Rangefinder

The ATN BINOX 4T offers a versatile magnification range of 1.25-5X, allowing you to zoom in on distant objects or zoom out for a wider field of view. This flexibility is particularly useful in different scenarios, whether you need to observe targets at close range or survey a larger area.Moreover, this product is equipped with an integrated laser rangefinder that has a range of 5-1000 yards/meters. This feature enables you to accurately measure the distance to your target, making it easier to plan your shots or estimate the distance to a particular point of interest. The long-range rangefinder adds a practical dimension to the ATN BINOX 4T, making it a valuable tool for shooters, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

HD Video Recording Capability

The ATN BINOX 4T goes beyond being just a thermal binocular. It also allows you to capture your observations and experiences through its HD video recording capability. With a video record resolution of 1280x720x2 at 60 frames per second, you can record smooth and high-quality videos of your outdoor adventures.Whether you want to document wildlife encounters, record surveillance footage, or simply create memories of your outdoor activities, the ATN BINOX 4T has you covered. The ability to record videos directly from the binoculars adds another layer of functionality to this product, making it a versatile tool for both professional and recreational use.

Smart HD Technology and BIX Compatibility

The ATN BINOX 4T is equipped with Smart HD technology, which allows the binoculars to communicate and exchange information with other ATN smart HD devices. This innovative feature opens up a world of possibilities, enhancing your overall experience and expanding the capabilities of the binoculars.Additionally, the BIX (Ballistic Information Exchange) compatibility of the ATN BINOX 4T further enhances its functionality. By connecting the binoculars to other BIX-enabled devices, you can exchange ballistic information, such as windage and bullet drop, ensuring more accurate shots and better performance in the field. The Smart HD technology and BIX compatibility make the ATN BINOX 4T a valuable asset for shooters and hunters who value precision and advanced technology.

Long Battery Life and Wi-Fi Connectivity

The ATN BINOX 4T is designed to provide long-lasting performance in the field. With a battery life of over 16 hours, you can rely on these binoculars to keep up with your demanding outdoor activities without worrying about running out of power. This extended battery life ensures that you can stay focused on your tasks without interruptions.Furthermore, the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity of the ATN BINOX 4T allows you to stream and share your observations in real-time. You can connect the binoculars to your smartphone or tablet and share the live view with others, making it easier to collaborate or simply share your experiences with friends and colleagues. The combination of long battery life and Wi-Fi connectivity makes the ATN BINOX 4T a practical and convenient tool for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Integrated Laser Rangefinder for Precise Targeting

The ATN BINOX 4T comes equipped with an integrated laser rangefinder, adding another level of precision to your targeting. With a range of 5-1000 yards/meters, this rangefinder allows you to accurately measure the distance to your target, ensuring more precise shots and eliminating guesswork.Whether you’re a hunter, a shooter, or a tactical professional, the integrated laser rangefinder of the ATN BINOX 4T provides you with the information you need to make informed decisions and improve your overall performance. The rangefinder adds a practical and functional aspect to these thermal binoculars, making them a valuable tool for anyone who requires accurate targeting capabilities.


  • The ATN BINOX 4T 384×288, 1.25-5x Smart HD Thermal Binoculars offers a high display resolution of 1280x720x2 and a wide field of view of 16°x12.5°, providing a clear and immersive viewing experience.
  • With a magnification range of 1.25-5X and a range of 5-1000 yards, these binoculars allow for versatile and precise targeting, making them suitable for various outdoor activities such as hunting, wildlife observation, and surveillance.
  • The ATN BINOX 4T features a built-in video recording function with a resolution of 1280x720x2 HD display at 60fps, allowing users to capture and share their adventures or document important findings.


  • One drawback of these binoculars is their high price of $2,495.99, which may be prohibitive for some individuals or those on a tight budget.
  • The product has a relatively low number of reviews, with only 4 reviews available. This limited feedback may make it difficult for potential buyers to gauge the overall satisfaction and performance of the product.
  • While the binoculars come with an integrated laser rangefinder, some users may find it challenging to master its functionality and accuracy, requiring additional time and effort to fully utilize this feature.

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In conclusion, the ATN BINOX 4T is a top-notch product that exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and features. Its advanced thermal imaging technology, integrated laser rangefinder, and video recording capabilities make it a valuable tool for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and nature observers. Despite its higher price point, the ATN BINOX 4T delivers exceptional quality and functionality, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a premium thermal binocular experience.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can the ATN BINOX 4T binoculars be used for night vision?

Answer: Yes, the ATN BINOX 4T binoculars utilize thermal imaging technology, allowing for excellent performance in low-light or nighttime conditions.

Question: Is the battery life of these binoculars sufficient for extended use?

Answer: Yes, the ATN BINOX 4T boasts a battery life of 16+ hours, ensuring long-lasting power for prolonged outdoor activities.

Question: Can the recorded videos be easily transferred or shared?

Answer: Yes, the binoculars have Wi-Fi capabilities, enabling users to conveniently transfer and share their recorded videos with compatible devices.

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